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What’s it?

All Included is the first interactive
guidebook of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad for people
in wheelchairs, much like everybody else
who would like to enjoy the city

 Externally, it is a box

интерактивный путеводитель коробка

Inside – various artifacts

The main ones are a physical map and a route book with bright color illustrations drawn specifically for the project

интерактивный путеводитель
интерактивный путеводитель санкт-петербург

What else is inside?

What else is inside?

In the gift box, the tourist will find everything necessary for an independent excursion.

Inside you will find an interactive route for 4-5 hours, including everything you need: the main places of the city and secret paths, unknown corners and funny stories, tips and tricks– as well as a bunch of items that you can use on the way.

There is a Russian-language and English-language version of the boxes.


For whom?​

Every traveler will find something interesting and new in the guidebook.

But first of all, the routes are laid out in such a way that travelers with limited mobility, as well as mothers with strollers, will be able to explore the main attractions without encountering barriers on the way. The texts of the guide have been translated into Russian sign language: people with hearing disabilities will be able to access these videos through QR codes located at the beginning of each chapter.

For whom?​


How is everything going?

You get a box with a guidebook and envelopes with numbers.

Follow the instructions and very convenient maps.

This is your personal tour, while you are not being driven by a guide or a group – move at your usual speed, there is no need to hurry anywhere.

You can always drink coffee in a pleasant place or have lunch and continue your journey. You will see both the main attractions and hidden gems, where tourists practically do not happen.

And most importantly – make your complete impression of the city!

Which city will you choose?

The guide includes

all in box
интерактивный путеводитель

Attractions along the route


Interesting places and mini-quests


Legends and unexpected facts


All necessary background information

In addition to the guidebook, we put envelopes with numbers in the box, which are opened at the right points of the route. Pleasant surprises are waiting for you!​

решетка Летнего сада
An unforgettable experience
You can plan your tour yourself,
and souvenirs in a box will help you create a mini-quest.
The guide includes information from partners
- museums, cafes, shops that you will meet along the way
интерактивный путеводитель карта питер москва калининград

interactive travel guide


Get involved!

Friends, an accessible environment in our country is just beginning to be created. Unfortunately, it is very unstable and depends on the human factor. At any moment, an obstacle may appear in the path of a person in a wheelchair, even where it did not exist before: a broken lifting device, scaffolding or just a flower stand placed in the middle of the sidewalk — and you can’t move any further!

All rights reserved. 2021 (c) Interactive guide “All inclusive” for people in wheelchairs and without in the historical center of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kaliningrad.

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